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Foundation of the company Schuhl & Co. by Ludwig Schuhl and Paul von den Steinen in
Hagen/Westphalia. The manufacturing of nuts emerged out of an experimental department
of the machine factory NUTAP Schuhl & von den Steinen. First production of nuts from
M 3 - M 10 in the machine factory NUTAP Schuhl & von den Steinen.

Relocation of the production line "nuts" to Winterberg-Niedersfeld.
Günter von den Steinen joined the management of Schuhl & Co..

Expansion of the production program to coldformed parts and parts per drawing. Step-by-step
adoption of the NUTAP REMP-System for processing of round wire and round drawn wire.

Production start of the innovative fastener system called “SCHUHL-COMBY®”.
This innovation has captured real fast an important market position.
Manufactoring start of nuts made of CrNi-Alloys.

Newly expansion of the production program up to the dimension range of M 22.
Start of manufacturing of coldformed parts on multi-station coldformers.

Expansion of the machine park with multi-station coldformers and tappers built by
NUTAP Schuhl & Co. GmbH Machine factory.

Change-over to CAD in our r&d department and extension of the quality criterias.

Design novelties in geometry and size.
SCHUHL-COMBY® nuts from M 3 to M 20 and coldformed parts up to M24 can be produced.
After the shut-down of the machinery factory NUTAP Schuhl & Co. GmbH in Hagen, Westfalia,
Paul-Günter von den Steinen joined the management board of Schuhl & Co. GmbH.
The machinery program of cold nutformers and tappers was handed over to the company Wafios,
Hilgeland NUTAP for further develoment.
Internet and E-mail presence, lean administration and productivity were obtained.
A new generation of tappers was started and the productivity reached 40 to 45
million coldformed parts per month.
Certification to DIN EN ISO 9002 by TÜV CERT

Certification to DIN EN ISO 9002 and QS 9000 by TÜV CERT
Certification to DIN EN ISO 9002, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 by TÜV CERT
Introduction of a new CAQ-System
A new production hall is launched, at the same time the electro-plating shop which
ran since 1965 was stopped and this area had been restructured.
Purchasing of a new fully automactic cleaning and preservation system including
vibatory grinding of production parts
Updating to the most modern technology level
Introduction of a new process-oriented flow control (SOA) within the administration
in form of software. Consolidation of the heterogeneous IT-scenery.
Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 / TS 16949 by TÜV Nord CERT GmbH
Paperless administration and improvement of the communication structures
Upgrading of the "100%-Control" area
Opening of a new hall for storage of processing oil, waste oil and containers
for metallic waste
Recertification to DIN EN ISO 9001 / TS 16949 by TÜV Nord CERT GmbH
Reorganisation of the department to fully automatic control
Launch of further optical testing machines
Renovation of all older buildings finished
Downsizing, caused by the general economic crisis and the accompanying consolidation
by an OEM with one for us essential sales volume.
Putting into operation of another visual testing machine.
Change of the customer portfolio as well as adaptation to the economic crisis changed
sales volume completed successfully.
Recertification to DIN EN ISO 9001/TS 16949 by TÜV Nord CERT GmbH.
A further visual testing machine installed.
Participation at the generally good economic situation.
New machining-centre DMG 600 for tool and die shop
1 further visual testing machine.
Definition and adjustment of processes for our new ERP-System "SAP - All for One". Going Live crossover 2014 - 2015
2 further visual testing machine installed.
Start of a new chapter for Schuhl & Co. GmbH by ordering not self constructed and build multistation-coldformers of Sacma.
SP 270-6 and SP 370-6 CR included wire-preheating.
SAP Going live without any problem. All systems running.
Certification to ISO/TS 16949:2009 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance GmbH
Implementing of a hardturning machine instead of profiling punches
Acquisition of an optical profile measurement instrument
Both Sacmas running in serial operation to our satisfaction
Further new machines for tapping and brushing
Project CAQ in SAP incl. IDOS for replacement of IBS CAQ=QSYS
Reconditioning of a FP 17
Complete exhaust system for the forming area
Implementing CAQ in SAP, IDOS
Reconditioning of a FP 13
Further new tapping machines
New server and data backup systems
Acquisition of 1 more Sacma SP 270-6 incl. wire-preheating
Certification to IATF 16949 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance GmbH
Installation of a CNC-eroding machine with tool changer
Software "QLIK" for Big-Data analysis
1. monitoring-audit to IATF 16949
Automatic polishing-machine MAW for all tools
Acquisition of a used Sacma SP 570-6 CR WR warmformer up to 900 Grad/Celsius and transformer